Monday, November 23, 2009

PWP Project Launch at Washington Square

Well it is officially, OFFICIALLY underway - let the snapping of photos and flashing of bulbs begin! The PWP together with Philadelphia Magazine publicly announced the winners at a party hosted by Washington Square on Wednesday November 18th. All of the "Business Partners" of the project were invited to come share the big news with Caitlin and Rodney. The couple is one step closer to home, now stationed in Germany. So their family rallied and we got a change to mix and mingle with them at the party.

We were delighted to attend (who doesn't love a party?) and to be in such good company was fabulous. Nicole Brennan from Lovely Girls Events is their wedding planner, she and I had a chance to catch up. Nicole is located in Delaware and has known Caitlin since their High School days!

Speaking of lovely girls... Nicole and I had a lot in common and look forward to working together soon!

Did I mention mingling with great people? Caitlin and Rodney call each other "Waffle" so the signature drink was a "Waffletini" - no syrup, thankfully, just a funny name to a sweet tropical blue cocktail! Over such said adult beverage - Bailey and I ran into a few more lovely ladies. Like Beka Rendell from Innove Events (who had some super nice things to say about us on her blog recently, thanks Beka!) and Marnie Cullen (no relation to the New Moon Cullens!) from TableArt.

MODA botanica did the flowers for this party as well as donating a portion of our services, should the couple like to have them as floral decorators for the wedding itself. The couple has a "Seaside theme" that they will bring to Winterthur for the big day. So we took the opportunity to drive up to NYC and dig throught the market. Armas and I found this funky piece of drift wood that we thought would evoke a touch of their theme.

But the star of the arrangement is the Snow Queen soft!
You know you want you go:

Catching up with Vanessa and Amanda from Two Paper Dolls was fun too - they have such great style. Bailey and I chatted it up with them. They do beautiful work. Talking about letterpress got me itching to do some more printmaking.
Note to self: sign up for studio time at the Fleisher!