Thursday, April 9, 2009

City Paper: Kris Chau at MODA botanica

The Philadelphia City Paper is running an article this week with Kris Chau. The photo shoot for the article was at MODA! It's the cover story in the Style section this week, Check it out!

They generously gave us a nod: "Here, Kris channels a curious, designer-clad nymph peering through the redbud at MODA botanica. The florists are fresh off their Best in Show win at the Flower Show, and the silvery air plants and exotic orchids from their winning design take on new life as organic accessories." Thanks!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Macy's Flower Show

A few months ago we were approached by Scott Byers, with Macy's Parade & Entertainment Group. He was looking to add some new designers to the invitation list for Macy's flower showcase called "The Bouquet of the Day." The Macy's Philadelphia Flower Show is held in the Grand Court at Macy's Center City, the site of Wanamaker's flower shows from the 1930s through the early 1970s. This year they are partnering with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society - and it is through these friends that we became acquainted. It seemed like a great opportunity - and it was! (Especially for Bailey - he looked to the the "happiest" in his head shot so he was the front man for this event for all the online bio stuff for Macy's.) Our arrangement is on display Sunday 4.5 through Tuesday 4.7.2009. If you can't make it to the store - check back for more pictures - Michael Persico will be swinging by to take some professional shots that we will post later!

The word "bouquet" is a bit misleading....the pedestal provided for us to design on is quite large and nestled within a large planter. So we designed an arrangement that would bring the focus up and fill the huge space.

Tall branches of Dutch Corylus wound their way up towards the ceiling scattered with Dutch & Thai Vandas. Black Birds of Paradise from Hawaii, Kangaroo Paw from California and Ti Leaves from Costa Rica grounded the arrangement at the base where viewers can take an intimate look at the unusual collections.

Sandwiched between white wire were layers of the Ti Leaves. Once we sewed up the edges with yarn it formed the giant ribbon that we wove around the whole piece for a twist of the unexpected.

Urban Out Mitzvah

This was a fun weekend for MODA in a diferent sort of way. We had two events but they were more for our own enrichment than service oriented, per say.

Saturday during the day we helped Urban Outfitters with a Bar Mitzvah they designed. They do not rent out their headquarters campus on a regular basis - but occasionally make an exception.
I didn't have my camera with me but their restaurant is like living in one of their stores. They have a definite aesthetic and we were happy to help make their vision come true - with a MODA twist of course! Luckily photographer Sarah Miller did have her camera on hand & sent us a few shots of the final pieces:

We hooked them up with flats of wheat grass, gorgeous parrot tulips and these super cool tulips Bailey found called "Leo." They are my new favorite tulip - the edges are more than ruffled they have deep dips in them, each one seems unique. Here is a similar picture I found on the web of them. Ours were really quite red.