Monday, April 6, 2009

Urban Out Mitzvah

This was a fun weekend for MODA in a diferent sort of way. We had two events but they were more for our own enrichment than service oriented, per say.

Saturday during the day we helped Urban Outfitters with a Bar Mitzvah they designed. They do not rent out their headquarters campus on a regular basis - but occasionally make an exception.
I didn't have my camera with me but their restaurant is like living in one of their stores. They have a definite aesthetic and we were happy to help make their vision come true - with a MODA twist of course! Luckily photographer Sarah Miller did have her camera on hand & sent us a few shots of the final pieces:

We hooked them up with flats of wheat grass, gorgeous parrot tulips and these super cool tulips Bailey found called "Leo." They are my new favorite tulip - the edges are more than ruffled they have deep dips in them, each one seems unique. Here is a similar picture I found on the web of them. Ours were really quite red.

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