Thursday, July 23, 2009

PHS International Flower Show 2010

It's official, MODA botanica has been invited back to be a major exhibitor at the 2010 Philadelphia International Flower Show! The "Exhibit Space Contract & Agreement" is signed, sealed & delivered! Save the date: February 27 - March 7, 2010!

We had our first meeting with the shows Director Sam Lemheney & Bob Felke, the shows Operation Coordinator today. They raised an eyebrow at our idea, which was quickly followed by big grins and they gave us the go-a-ahead to start designing. Stay tuned for more hints about our upcoming sophomore debut!

Laura Hoover is in the PR dept at PHS. She has been keeping a Flower Show Blog where she chats it up about our meeting & tried to get us to spill the beans about our design ideas for next year. She also sent out a press release about the upcoming 2010 Flower Show Theme, check it out!

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