Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Callas

We have a client who lives in our neighborhood who loves to send his girlfriend flowers, EVERY WEEK. She loves callas, EVERY WEEK. We love the challenge of making each experience with them unique EVERY WEEK! We have been working with this couple on a weekly bases for almost a year now. They really leave the design up to us, which we love. But the pressure is on! I am actually a little intimidated. Once both Armas & Bailey were out of town & it was my responsibility to make the arrangement. Seriously, I broke into a cold sweat. When designs are as cool as the one Armas made this week for them - you gotta perform!

I am not sure I did his design justice with my photo above, but check out how carefully he designed the piece so that the calla just hovers over the table surface. Beautiful!

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