Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MODA Agricoltura

We love a road trip. Today we headed on a site visit to do some research for our upcoming flower show display. The details for which are still under wraps, but our travels lead us over hill and dale to one of our favorite farms.

Bailey was looking for some fall plants to replenish the planters he maintains for Pub and Kitchen. So Armas and I found some things to entertain ourselves in the mean time...

Here are some ornamental peppers you will see in Bailey's planters...

...and he was really excited to get some Asters.

Here's some things you have seen on many of our designs over the past few months, namely the Macy's Bouquet of the Day 2009, installations in MODA botanica and a few events in between - our friend Corylus avellana. Also known as Harry Lauder's Walking Stick or maybe contorted Filbert here it is with leaves. Mmmm...contorted...

And some things you will not see until the holidays, or at least until after Thanksgiving - Poinsettia!

And something you should probably not see:

This lady told me she already had enough garden art - she was looking for lawn art. She negotiated this piece de résistance to $150 delivered! That's right, this trio of seahorses found a home. I'm offering a reward if any of you actually see it in her yard!
~ Judith

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