Saturday, February 27, 2010

MODA botanica's BOX wins "Best in Show" at the Philadelphia International Flower Show!

It has happened again! Armas texted me this year (in a déjà vu, montage sort of way... since I was again in my car on my way to another event again this year....) "REPEAT!" with this image attached: 
To which I again replied (again) that I was "all teary"; and Armas said he "was still shaking" you can see from his shot of the trophy they had just handed him!
Our display started like this...:
(Spoiler alert!)
...and ended like this:

Thank You Michael Persico for the images! More will be posted soon, but check it out in person! The show is running through Sunday the 7th!


helveticaneue said...

I am so glad I got a chance to see it (at least part way finished) in person. There was no question in my mind you would win. Stunning inventive, work! Congratulations!

I took a few detail shots of it in progress, let me know if you would like any of the images

-laura kicey (photographer for Terrain who stopped by just when the white room was completed)

Carolyn Hale said...

Congratulations, Bailey and all. We are proud of you. Keep up the good work.

Love, Aunt Carolyn and Uncle James

Bloom Japan Network said...


We are very happy to see some of our beautiful Japanese flowers!

For more information of Japanese flowers, please visit our Japanese flower website,

Yutaka @Bloom Japan Network

Ingrid Koehler said...

It looks fabulous - congratulations all!

Sofia Negron Photography said...

It looks awesome! I can't wait to see it in person. You guys are so talented!!


Just so rocking. Love love love it!! So creative and gorgeous. I think I'll order one of those containers for my next dinner party. Marsha