Monday, March 1, 2010

Talk about Passport to the World...Moda's BOX has gone viral - look who's talking!

The Washington Post 2/26/10 2/28/10
The Wall Street Journal - Speakeasy
The Baltimore Sun
Human Flower Project
Seen but Not Heard
Punk Rock Gardens
Consumer Traveler
Top Water Features
Reading Eagle
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Pub and Kitchen
PHS Major Awards
PHS Blog


Nina B. said...

I was just at the Flower Show last night and your display was my favorite! I blogged about it at --I'd love to use some of the images you have posted here and link you, if that's okay!

-Nina B.

whatyayalikes | alexandra said...

i just blogged about it too- it literally took me ALL WEEK to figure out which of the pictures i took were my favorite!

job well done, this was really spectacular.

JiffyDelux said...

Me three!
Your display was my personal favorite from the entire Flower Show. Congratulations on winning Best in Show.. it was well deserved.

lisa said...

Check out Elaine Knight's photos of the Moda Botanica Flower Show display on Facebook. This year's show was the most creative I've seen and yours was the most creative out of all; awards were well-deserved.