Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Insights From The 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show

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"The arch, minimalist designs by Moda Botanica, so cherished by showgoers during the past three years, left me a bit cold. I confess that I do not like minimalism or archness, so perhaps I should “recuse” myself from reviewing this year’s strange exhibit. I think I understood the erotic, lozenge-shaped glass “spectacles” as well as voyeurism suggested. It felt a little like I was looking at a “cage” of the sort they used in early 20th century Paris bordellos. (Brassaiphotographed them.) But why “gild the rose”, so to speak? White roses mainly. “I got it, I got it”, I said to myself. But its edginess was spooky and disconcerting like the last scenes of the astronaut in ‘2011 A Space Odyssey’—all white and sterile. Perhaps that was the point—to deconstruct beauty. It was very compelling, but incomplete and unresolved. The designers designed a design, so to speak. To their credit, this is an element of French philosophy and aesthetics. And this one was certainly ambitious. I can’t wait to see what Moda Botanica does to Hawaii, next year’s extremely challenging show theme."

When it comes to our Flower Show displays we always want to have people think differently about flowers and design. This year was no exception. "Thought provoking" is aways a bigger compliment to us than "pretty."

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