Friday, May 15, 2009

Please Touch Museum Open House

UPDATE 6.8.09:
Michael Persico came by today & dropped off a CD of pics from a few latest are of few professional shots from the Open House at The Please Touch Museum...but there were too many great ones! So I put up a slide show at the top of the blog, thank you Michael!

Original Post:
If you haven't been to the newly refurbished Memorial Hall now that it is the Please Touch Museum - make a play date and get over there! They have been open for about a year now and both the museum and the building are incredible.
Max and Me are the in-house catering company for the museum and always have something deliciously fresh to showcase. They invited us to showcase some of our designs for their open house on May 13, 2009. It was a chance for them to reach out to new and prospective clients by showcasing Hamilton Hall set for an event. This was a great opportunity for MODA to display some of our designs too! What better combination than Babies Breath, mushrooms and carnivorous plants! The Total Table hooked us up with our linen "Creme Zebra" which rounded out the whole theme.

And who doesn't love baaabies...!
~ Judith

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