Saturday, February 28, 2009

The PHS Awards have been distributed...

...and we are honored to announce that MODA botanica's "MODO Moderno" has won "Best in Show: Display Garden - Floral" and "Best Achievement: Modern Floral Display."

I was on the way to an event set up when got text from Armas around 2PM directing me to check my email. I figured it was a client that we needed to follow up with or a proposal revision that the boys couldn't get to since they are working the show. I actually cried when I opened the email & read the details that had been hung from our display sign.
Here is what Armas emailed me:

In addition to the great volunteers who helped us implement our design this past week; we would also like to thank and acknowledge the following people/companies who have partnered with us in this venture: Bill Schaffer, AIFD; Britt Plunkett Fabrication; Anna Esther Levin Design; Michael Persico Photography; Delaware Valley Wholesale Florist; Mooi Flowers Wholesale; Dutch Flower Line NYC; Tillandsia International; Campbell Studios and Carl Hill-Popper. Thank You!

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