Saturday, February 28, 2009

MODO Moderno

Michael Persico just emailed these gorgeous shots of our display - Thank You Michael!


Sharptooth said...

Huge Congratulations to all of you on your INCREDIBLE Best in Show win! The display is stunning... I know you are well on you way to being the most "in demand" florist, tout le monde!


C.H.B.A. OFFICE said...

OMIGOD!!!! I know famous, award-winning people! It's so cool and the display is by far the best ever. You have wonderful friends too who helped you so much. Nice picture of Alan too.

April said...

I'm a florist out of Pittsburgh and was able to see your absolutely amazing display this past Saturday. Kudos to you all! Best in show was well deserved!

-April Schwietz Mason,
Mocha Rose

Targetgirl said...

absolutely stunning!