Saturday, February 28, 2009

MODA botanica

This morning at 6:45 AM we turned on the lights and officially submitted "MODO Moderno" to the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show for competition.

Last year MODA botanica was formally introduced to Sam Lemheney, Pennsylvania Horticulture Society's Flower Show Design Director. He invited us to participate and we are honored to be the only "New Comer" to showcase as a major exhibitor.

The shows overall theme is "Bella Italia" so we decided to put a 21st Century twist on a classical Italian renaissance garden. Keeping with our own personal sense of style - we incorporated some of our favorite things (in mass of course) like Vanda Orchids, green Dogwood,Tillandsia, water tubes...and of course zip ties!

We got a lot of compliments in the beginning of set up which kept us motivated, but once we set out the 2200+ water bottles on top of the light boxes we knew we were on the right track. The PHS Flower Show blog details some of what the guests are saying, we seem to be on the right track.

We had had a ton of great ideas and design details - but they would not have been realized with out the help of our friends & volunteers. We started by pulling a few late hours at MODA botanica weaving and zip tying green Dogwood branches, wrapping water tubes in textured yarns.

And then moved to the show floor the next day, where we tortured our friends even more by asking them to manipulate the Dogwood into "Cypress trees."

And weaving yarn...

...and, well, SOMEBODY had to take all those caps of the water bottles!

Thank you for all of your help and support. Check out the slide show for an overview of the set up. We have some official pictures being taken today, stay tuned. The show runs Sunday to Sunday - we hope you will come by and see us in person! As soon as we get some rest we will post some more details and ideas.

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MimiRock said...

I really envy your creative abilities, Armas, and congratulate you and your colleagues on the Best In Show award. I wish I could have seen your entry and enjoyed the show--maybe sometime in the future.
Irma Rockwell, Bristol, VA