Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Dutch do it best.

Do you know who does really does European floral design (besides us of course) is Europeans! It seems like everyone is throwing around the "E" word willy nilly these days. While even English Garden, with it's mounds of pretty, precious, peonies and posies, might technically fall under the umbrella of European, what we're talking about is the experimental, architectural, imaginative, cutting edge design few others are offering in the US.

Now, you'll never catch us ripping off designs out of a book or magazine, but we freely admit to gathering inspiration and techniques from our international counterparts. The highest concentration of these innovators happens to occur in Holland and Belgium, and many of them will happen to also be in Amsterdam this week as well for Hortifair.

I was just here in May for Queensday, and Armas and Judith have also experienced Amsterdam. We're excited to be taking our first overseas business trip together. What better city, and what a perfect time of year.

We will be exploring the newest Dutch flower varieties, visiting with other designers, and scouting out new products for use and sale in our Center City studio. Keep posted for reports all week.

But first, one more cup of canal-side coffee to help shake this jet lag!


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