Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MODA goes to Market

Getting up bright an early (like 5 a.m.) Team MODA headed down to Aalsmeer to meet up with our buyer Tony to check out the Dutch Auction. Armas took the city on again as the driver of our rental car, and we were off. The vast set up was a bit much to absorb - there is so much to take in! Check out the little slide show I put together on the right, its just a taste of what we saw. It was like Willie Wonka Factory of the floral industry. The amount of automation and synchronization is astounding. I am sure the boys will ad some comments soon!

We were in and out all before dawn, first we hit the auction, then traveled across the huge facility (in the car) back to where the packing happens at Tony's place. All of the products get sorted, packed/boxed and routed to the different buyers' locations by trolleys automatically via a bridge, gets packed, and is on our way to us! All before the sun was up!

Then we were off to Wateringen, Nederland to the appointment Moniek had set us up with, the mother ship was calling us home. Now, as many of you know, the Blue Magic Vanda has been MODA's signature flower way before we began showcasing it two years ago. Much like the Green Trick (which by using so much we brought such significant awareness to the local US market that importers were scrambling with the new demand) the Blue Vanda has been used in increasing numbers since we showcased hundreds of them last year at the Philadelphia International Flower Show (see slideshow to the right!)
We heart Vandas.

...so back to our adventure. Armas zoomed across the European motorways and we arrive well before noon. The owner Steef was just as welcoming and as talented as Moniek. His passion for the Vanda rivaled Bailey's neck and neck. His commitment to perfection, attention to detail was inspiring and refreshing. Steef has found his passion, it was clear to see how he and Moniek have become friends. Below are a few pictures of our trip to the greenhouse, the place was huge, the colors so intense - there are more in the slide show to the right!

And these special babies are a few years off but you will delight in them as soon as we can get our hands on them. Still to be named, still to be tested...white Vandas!

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