Friday, October 16, 2009

Hortifair Last Call

There is a ton to see at Hortifair, so we swung by for a few demos and to see if we missed anything one more time.
There seemed to be two main sections: Horti Grow & Trade and Horti Tech. Grow & Trade is where we found most of the new and exciting floral varieties and products that we have mentioned in previous posts. Tucked away in the floral section was a demo area where designers were brought in to showcase their unique talents and to boast the superior quality of "Oasis" forms and products (the sponsor of the showcase arena.) Once they finish the arrangements, they are placed on display for everyone to check out up close - most were inspiring, some not so much.

Seeing the new varieties is breathtaking, especially when an everyday Alstroemeria or rose is 6'tall. Some areas were just from growers promoting their specialty items such as these roses (yes they are that tall) or the Gerbs Armas was checking out...The displays are just as great as the flowers. It was like a mini PHS Flower Show!

But that is just a small section of the show - there were rows and rows of heavy machinery & software to help manage the systems that were fascinating. In between they had the quality test areas where we saw some pretty cool favorites as well. The booths looked like this:

If Freesia always looked like Gardenias, I could really get behind it!
Here are a few things that caught my eye.

This one might be my favorite, it's a mum. The ball variety ~Judith

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